It’s about Core Components (Organizational Management, Personnel Administration, Time Management and Payroll), OR about Tools supporting your Strategic Processes (such as Personnel Development) and Manpower Planning Scenarios (Personnel Cost Planning & Simulation), I have provided brief overviews of each of these products at SAP Insider Learning Network. 

Org. Management

Having a good organizational structure is a foundation for many of your SAP components. You can control your workflows, authorizations, portal related activities, personnel budgeting etc. Therefore interpreting your organizational structure in SAP system correctly is a key to ensure your investment on other components is secure. And before you get it implemented, make sure you understand the concept.

Personnel Administration

The Personnel Administration component supports the core HR function i.e. administration of employees data. All of the administrative tasks you perform as an HR Administrator are supported by the component; you can store employees data, capture the changes thus maintaining the history of the employee data and evaluate it using flexible reporting options available within the component as well as the provision to develop your own reports.

Time Management

In a typical scenario of working at office, an employee is required to work for certain hours a day. The off days as well as the deviations from work are part of a general time administration process and are therefore clearly outlined in a company’s policies. An employee coming to work usually signs an attendance sheet, thus, marking his time in & out. On daily basis, the attendance sheet could be used for capacity planning. At the end of a period, the attendance record is used to calculate his wage for the period and he is paid for the work.

Payroll Administration

Recording the Salaries & Allowances, evaluating them according to employees’ working time, adjusting the outstanding payments/deductions, calculating the net salaries, transferring the salaries to employees banks for a large number of employees aligned with company policies require a lot of effort. SAP Payroll system take care of all of the processes outlined above, providing a comprehensive solution to most of the complex scenarios covered by today’s Payroll function executed at various organizations.

Personnel Development

A position is vacant and it requires someone from within your organization having certain qualifications. You’re looking for the exact match or the closest match to develop him further, Personnel Development component of SAP HR Solutions helps. Here in this blog I’ve explained the core element of the module i.e. Qualification, describing how to develop a qualification catalog and how to assign these qualifications to different objects and then to use them in different scenarios.

Manpower Planning

While creating budgets, generally we classify the costs according to the nature of expenses. Regardless of the frequency, we set aside some amount from our income to pay for such expenses when they occur. From time to time we also compare the budgeted amount with actual and adjust the individual items accordingly. Sometime we analyze our budget with “what-if” scenarios to compare which of the scenario best suit our needs. PCP - a SAP HR Component, provides you with handling such & manpower planning scenarios

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