I believe SCN is a great place to learn and share SAP Knowledge. I have contributed in its different spaces. In addition to writing about HCM and Organizational Change Management, my core areas of expertise, I also share my thoughts on the business trends and career guidance. 

SAP Projects

SAP Projects - Avoiding Failures

Not all projects are always successful, there remains a chance of failure on any undertaking. Who is responsible for the project results, success and failure? The blog provides the answer.

SAP Change Management Lessons

SAP Projects require Change Management effort to ensure User Readiness and Solution Adoption. Learn how OCM is handled in a Technical Support environment? 

SAP Solutions

SuccessFactors - Delta Assessment

SAP HCM/SuccessFactors Consultants can help businesses with adopting latest features, offered by SAP in-cloud HRMS on quarterly basis, only if they keep themselves up-to-date with the required knowledge. Learn how to do so.

SAP S/4 HANA – FAQ Answered

The blog answers some commonly asked questions about S/4 HANA, such as its background, features, business benefits, deployment process, and certification, etc

SAP Career

SAP Career Guide

SAP is considered among the lucrative careers and therefore many like to pursue it. To have the answers of such, and many more, questions, such as how to learn SAP and where to start, see the guide.

Non-SAP Qualifications

There are many transferable skills which can be used to build one’s SAP career, and therefore if you have any other qualifications, beyond SAP, you can use them as well. Want to know the HOW?

There's a lot more