System Maintenance

Your Scenario

You have implemented a number of SAP-based solutions to run your business.

Your Challenge

Your business teams started to raise additional requirements and system change requests to fulfill growing and changing business needs, in addition to seeking technical support. You are unsure of how to handle such support.

Possible Solution

A SAP System Manager could help you in managing your business functions & teams to maintain required support.

Technical Support

Having worked at an SAP CoE, from its inception to maturity, on a Technical Support Role, and with another SAP Customer on a Solution Adoption role, Faisal has developed excellent support skills and could assist your business people in running SAP Solutions efficiently.

We both worked on SAP HR Rollout Project for Saudi Airlines' Real Estate Development Company. He acted as a Leader from the COE team for the SARED implementation. He and his team helped us in deploying SAP HR Solutions. I recommend him for Leadership and Sr. Consulting rolesW
Sachidananda Rao
SAP Project Manager