HRMS Deployment

Your Scenario

You have partnered with an external SAP services provider to implement technical solutions at your organization.

Your Challenge

You have in-house technical skills to support the implementation, however, you are facing challenges in collaborating effort, required to integrate individual processes & sub-components, to support your business transformation vision.

Possible Solution

An expert SAP Project Manager / System Integrator might help you to drive & deliver your implementation.


Capable of seeing the big picture and connecting dots, to form workable Solutions, Faisal could help you in integrating HRMS to your Technical Landscape. Having worked on various Project Types, from Template/Rollout to Implementation and Maintenance, and on different Roles, he understands how the SAP/IT Solutions could add the value to any business. 

He has a good technical understanding of SAP-based solutions with HCM being a strong point for Faisal. He has a good and positive outlook on things and is well versed with breaking large pieces of work into manageable chunks and using other people in the wider team to help achieve the project objectives.
Maz Syed