User Readiness

Your Scenario

You are implementing SAP Solutions to transform your business processes to industry best-practices.

Your Challenge

Your business teams are not or least aware of technical capabilities SAP solutions have on offer to support your solution strategy and as such you are having trouble in bringing process excellence.

Possible Solution

A SAP Learning Strategist / Architect may help you in devising & delivering required training to develop your organization.

Learning Solution

Skilled and experienced in developing, delivering, and managing a variety of training programs, including train-the-trainer at some large-scale SAP Implementation Projects, Faisal could support you in preparing your business teams to handle SAP Solutions easily.

New to SAP, I was welcomed by him in his team warmly. He helped me in understanding SAP HR components used at the project. He's good in explaining the subject matter and possesses good skills. I recommend him for SAP Support & Training roles. .
Umar Mushtaq
SAP HR Consultant